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James A Flood - Maritime Artist Historian (United States)
After looking at the well structured website, I felt I must contact you and compliment you and everyone involved on what you have achieved in recreating this remarkable vessel. She has been a favorite of mine for years and I have always been saddened the way that she had fallen upon hard times. A few years ago I included her in a painting I was doing of the Atlantic City skyline of the 1930s. I am just so pleased that your organization has chosen to reproduce her. The world desperately needs more folks like you. Here it is January and you have just made my year!

Captain Rocky Bucci (United States)
As a young Coast Guardsman in 1966 I was aboard Atlantic when she sank at the dock of Wildwood Marina. Six years later in 1982 I assisted the crew with my knowledge as to why she sank. Thus making it possible for them to raise her. I was part of the crew that "sailed" her (at the end of a rope) to Newport News, VA USA.

Linda Aasen-Frame (United States)
My grandfather, Abraham Aasen, was Captain of the Atlantic during the time she was owned by Gerard B. Lambert. He is mentioned on page 55 of the book "Yankee in England" by Mr. Lambert. My father, Robert Aasen, spent his youth sailing on her which created his love for the sea and led him to the US Merchant Marine and US Navy. Of the treasured keepsakes I have are an original copy, with dustcover, of the book "Yankee in England", a pad of stationary from the Atlantic, an original 8x10 photo of the Atlantic under sail, one of my grandfather in uniform and my father's Captains uniform that was made for him when he was 5. Unfortunately the saluting Cannon, intricate brass ashtrays and an original oil painting of her were lost to the sea in hurricane Katrina.
My father loved this yacht and would have been thrilled to see this website dedicated to her.
Thank you for posting this !

Alan Good (New Zealand)
What a rare special privilage to visit Atlantic in Auckland as a fundraiser for Waitangi's mast repair. It is difficult to imagine the effort that was put into Atlantic's build and workmanship and congratulate the crew and owner on their efforts to show us such an immaculately presented vessel.

David Doyle (New Zealand)
I had the pleasure of seeing Atlantic in Auckland Harbour and then meeting some of her crew in a local pub… They were as graceful as the boat itself!

Greg Smiley - UB Class of ‘87 (United States)
As Junior Class President in ‘85 at the University of Bridgeport, I oversaw the construction of a walkway around the mast from the Atlantic, used as a flagpole then at PT Barnum’s former Marina Estate, then campus on the corners of Linden and University in Bridgeport, CT.

The following is from a 1957 Bridgeport Telegram article:

The 62-foot flag pole upon raised was originally one of the masts of the sailing ship "Atlantic", which set a trans-Atlantic crossing record in 1906. William Marshall who married Jesse Seeley, granddaughter of P.T. Barnum and sister of C. Barnum Seeley, of Ingleside place, originally had the flag pole erected on the university’s Marina hall grounds. Moved during the construction of the new dormitories for women, the flag pole now stands at the junction of Linden Avenue and University Avenue.

The base is all that's left today at the site, but the historical connection to the Atlantic remains.

R.M.J (United States)
Hello, I came across your site and believe I have a story you'd be interested in…
My father 'sailed' on the Atlantic and captured the trip below. A little more history for the ship…
*MCJ was Morris Corey Jones (my grandfather), an instructor at the United States Coastguard Academy. My father and his twin were the 'sailors' and both enlisted into the navy at age 18.

"A Night to Remember"
I was just writing to Dotsie details of my brother and me going to NYC/Grand Central Station on the train by ourselves from New London, 10-11 years old to sail back on the ATLANTIC, a 185' 3 masted tall ship, still holds the fastest sailing record across the Atlantic.
The "ATLANTIC". As the signs of war approached, Mr Lambert of Listerine Corp donated his yacht to the USCGA to train cadets…She was in the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard(BNY) to make ready for such cadet training… Tear out the fancy staterooms, replace with bunkrooms/heads and a galley. It must have been about the year 1940 that our venture to NYC in September on the train occurred. A couple of 10-11 year olds we were… MCJ's task was to move the Atlantic to the Thames Shipyard in New London to complete…
MCJ met us as we walked off the train in Grand Central Station about 1600… Then directly to the BNY and aboard the Atlantic… Making ready to get underway… Sky's black, wind a whistling, MCJ as skipper should have delayed getting underway…Backed out of slip winds a howling, banged into other docked vessels. During all the excitement MCJ step on a mooring line and severely sprained his ankle… Finally exited NY harbor into Long Island Sound, roaring winds, high seas, no fun… Of course we had no radar, had not been invented yet, same applies to no GPS or Loran, navigation soley by dead reckonong. No electronics aboard, not even a radio… We were supposed to sleep forward in crews quarters, where all the work was being done. Slept on couches in Officer Country. All we had to eat was Navel Oranges. Had a crate of them up forward…
As dawn breaks wind/seas subside, we are greeted by dense/dense fog… As stated above no electronic nor celestial navigation. We would pull alongside fishing boats to ask for our location; "Where are we?". Rich and I were posted way out on the bowsprit with our binoculars looking for land or anything we might run into/aground… Fog breaks about 1600, suddenly we are surrounded by a host of searching USCG ships/aircraft. A welcome sight, am sure a relief to MCJ…

Michael Smith (United States)
While I am way too young to have ever sailed upon or even seen the Atlantic, My grandmother and mother had the pleasure. My great-grandfather James C. Brady owned her for a bit, and I am trying to create the Burgee he flew whilst aboard. I know there is an anchor and a 'B', but I have not seen a photo to ascertain colors do any exist? Thanks very much.
We aren't aware of a picture of that pennant; if someone has one let us know and we'll forward it to Michael.

Susanne Lavender (Canada)
It was lovely seeing the glorious boat in Nanaimo harbour, British Columbia on Sept. 3, 2015. But even more enjoyable was talking with the skipper's daughter, a girl of about 8 years (?) She is a good ambassador for the vessel. Hope to see the Atlantic under sail in future.

Bock & Shari Berry (Canada)
We were absolutely thrilled to watch The Atlantic schooner's arrival into our harbour - Nanaimo, BC and we dashed down with my camera. Such a great treasure, rich with nautical history, testament to a man's passion for design and absolute mastery of wind and sea. Wishing we could set sail with you!

Collin Williams (Canada)
We were out daysailing off Nanaimo when she came motoring out of a rainshower. Wow, look at that! It must be at least 50'. A few minutes later… Wow, it must be at least 100'. After following her in to port… Wow it must be over 150' A spectacular visual treat. Thanks.

Patrick, Paula, Chloe, & Wren Williston (Ursa Minor Pearson 30) (Canada)
My family enjoyed our brief encounter with Atlantic last Monday in Prince Rupert Harbour, British Columbia. The elegant lines of the ship, the gleam of the hull - what a treat for all of us. And my daughters, ages 7 and 9, were thrilled to see the young sailor climbing the boom and swinging from the rigging. She looked very much at home aboard your remarkable schooner. All the best for your voyage.

Elizabeth Anderson (Canada)
What an unexpected pleasure to look out my window today to find the Atlantic anchored below my house in Cortes Bay, B.C., waiting out the storm surging through the Desolation Sound and Georgia Straight. The spars reach above the tree line on the opposite shore!

Dave Delorey (Essex Shipbuilding Museum) (United States)
Thanks for scheduling Gloucester, Massachusetts for a port over Labor Day.

Barbara P (United States)
Just to see the vessel at dock is a once in a lifetime experience. I do hope I get to see it with the sails up. Thank you for stopping in Juneau, Alaska. Safe Trip!!!

Rorie (United States)
Hi! I am a Juneau resident. Just dropping you a quick note to say that is an absolute pleasure to admire your boat in our harbor. Put the sails up! Thanks!

Wade R Rogers (United States)
From the tip of her bowsprit to the end of her mizzenmast, Atlantic is pure grace on the water & Juneau, Alaska was graced by her considered presence and it's a joy, as one who has sailed for 40 years, to watch her inspire all who see her to cast of their bowlines and explore the distant shore! Fair winds to ship and crew!

Miles and Jen (United States)
Great summer lesson on the "greatest sailing schooner in history" with this gorgeous replica of the Atlantic right here in downtown Juneau!

David & Theresa Belton (United States)
Welcome to Juneau, Captain & Crew of the Schooner Atlantic and thanks for the kind exchange on the dock. Gorgeous piece of history!

Anthony (United States)
Thank you for the visit to beautiful Auke Bay - hope the crew enjoys Juneau & the Devil's Hideaway.

Pete Wedin (United States)
It was my pleasure to walk up close to this fine vessel in the Auke Bay Harbor. Two crewmen were oiling teak fixtures and we chatted about where the boat would go next. What a gorgeous piece of iron! Best of luck in your travels and do enjoy SE Alaska.

Delbert Carnes (United States)
What a privilege to see the magnificent Schooner Atlantic moored to the dock in Auke Bay, Alaska June 2015.

Glenn (United States)
Saw you guys coming into Auke Bay. Welcome to Juneau! Amazing vessel!

Michael Redpath (United States)
While working for Soundings many years ago, I would often pass Atlantic, first derelict at her dock in Wildwood, NJ and then sunken there. Suddenly, she was gone, with rumors she was to be restored.
Some years later, I was crossing the Bay Bridge and Tunnel and as I entered Norfolk, I saw familiar masts rising in the distance. I hunted her down and found her in a shipyard, quite decrepit. Still working for Soundings, I interviewed people at the yard and found she was to be turned into a time-share charter. Their opinion was she was so far gone she would never sail again. The owners told their story and threatened legal action if our story were not rosy. It wasn't. A few years later I learned she had been scrapped.
During all this, I had developed a relationship with a gentleman who collected marine antiquities and made lovely nautical furnishing replicas. One day, he said he had something he thought that I would like. It was a backstay fiddle block salvaged from Atlantic when she sat in a salvage yard around Burlington, NJ. It sits in my studio to this day.

Captain Ken Guyer (United States)
She pulled into 5Th Avenue Landing next door to the marina I manage San Diego Marriott downtown SD. Av softly beautiful yacht! Hope she is in town for a bit.

Ginny Andy (Costa Rica)
Saw yacht in Costa Rica, beautiful! Crew skills must be exceptional as we never saw so much rigging. Very impressive.

Sonya James-Reeves (United States)
My daughter and I just had such an unexpectedly glorious side trip to the dock where the Atlantic is in Charleston. Seen as we drove over the James Island bridge we just had to get closer. What an amazing vessel. Well done and God speed!

Charlie Sons (United States)
Just a slow pass by in a small dingy. My friend was so captivated by this magnificent vessel. Purely the most beautiful creation ever looked upon by my eyes. I can only imagine the joyful burden bestowed by her captain and crew. Truly inspired I am. May she make safe passage into the future… A humble sigh, an deep inhale, and thanks to all to make this possible… Farewell…

John Hirschler (United States)
It's been fantastic to have her gracing the waters off Newport, Rhode Island this summer. She is stunning both dockside and under sail!

Emil Skoda (United States)
Just saw here off the Cranberries in Down East ME. Absolutely beautiful. What a great story.

Jack Kelley (United States)
At this very moment it is anchored off our cottage on Somes Sound in Southwest Harbor, Maine. What a beautiful yacht. It was a delightful sight in the early morning mist…

Sara Hardstaff (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday Lucie! We're all so proud of you. Have a fantastic time on the Atlantic. With all our Love, Auntie Sara, Richard and Little Lucy xxx

Jim Wortman (United States)
Are there drawings or photos of the pennants flown from her 3 masts?
You have mail :)

Annie Hill (New Zealand)
Wishing George Cox, who is soon to join the ship, the best of luck on the intended circumnavigation. Looking forward to reading all about it in 'Roving Commissions'.

Jim Portus (United Kingdom)
Wishing bon voyage to Claire Tibbott, joining very soon her colleagues from Fishmongers' Hall and in the fishing industry are mighty jealous of her escape to adventure. We wish her safe passage over the oceans and safe home to terra firma in due time. We can't wait to hear tales from the high seas!

Bob M (United States of America)
When I was a lad of 18 years old, I traveled to Piney Point Md with Al Urbelis Jr. We were best friends and went to visit his dad Capt-Al Sr. He was making ready to float the Atlantic to the surface after cementing the inside hull. There was much hoopla and I recall what I think was a NY Times story about the event to raising the boat. I recall it later sunk in a storm after she was brought to the surface.

Michael Agriogiannos (Greece)
She passed half a mile from my house in Aegina Island, Greece, yesterday evening. She is a rare beauty, therefore I took some photos for my file and I looked for her in the - I visited your site to know more about this excellent yacht. Her history and quality were what somebody would expect from the boat I saw yesterday.

Gaffeltoni Ks (Germany)
Hi, Look these lines… They fascinate me since I knew about this project. As a modelbuilder (Hobby) I took the lines I found in the early state of the Atlantic-Project and stretched the length and width relation to 4:1 and I use these for my own new project, a 150 sqft Sloop from the 30's, build by Burmester. Thanks to the builders and owner of Atlantic…

Joseph Martin (United States)
Are there any line drawings of the present Atlantic, that show the below deck layout? I build miniature ships and I am interested in the possibility of doing the Atlantic from the keel up. My father took me to see the original Atlantic in the 1950's while she was in N.J.
Sadly we don't have any plans available for the moment (2013)

Tobias Szabo (Switzerland)
I had the Chance to see you Sailing at Voiles de StTropez this Year. It was just an Amazing feeling to see how smooth this Ship Moves. Chapeau!!

Gabie (France)
Je viens de découvrir ce site et j'aimerai vous dire qu'il me plait beaucoup. Bravo et bonne continuation !

Janet Leyon (United States)
How lovely to see her sailing again. When will she come to the U.S. so we can see her in person? My father was a sailor on her in the 30s with Mr. Lambert.
Currently (2013), a transatlantic crossing isn't envisaged.

Marcel Dolman (Netherlands)
I look back with pleasure of a project where I participate on during the build at shipyard Van der Graaf. Ed I hope everything goes well with your family and the Schooner Atlantic.

Andy Storms (United States of America)
I grew up in Wildwood NJ and it is nice to see such a great vessel sailing again. It is also nice to see some names from my past in the guestbook! I do remember the seals in the Atlantic and the gift shop. It was a shame she sat for years underwater in the yacht basin…

Clarisa Cerro (United States of America)
Hi! I just spent a week on board of the Atlantic. It was a fantastic adventure, one in a lifetime. She is really beautiful, and the crew is amazing!!!

Pedro Gouveia e Melo (Portugal)
Saw Atlantic moored at Cascais Marina this weekend. An impressive sight, one of the most beautiful and elegant yacths I have ever seen. Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of her underway. Godspeed and enjoy the Med!

Afonso Indias Zagalo (Portugal)
Impressive vision on our Marina (Cascais). One of the most beautiful ships that visited us, would be an honour to work on her.

Paul-Lauritz Amundsen (Portugal)
Thank you very much for allowing me to visit and experience this amazing schooner, which is wonderfully decorating Cascais Bay at the moment, congratulations and godspeed.

Pablo de la Cruz (Spain)
As I write this message, the full moon allows me to see your awesome ship's silhouette just a couple hundred yards away from my window at Muros, La Coruña, Spain. Thanks for providing an unexpected highlight for my holiday and Godspeed!

Bransom Bean (Isle of Man)

Chimista (Spain)
Was this the amazing three-mast schooner that was the past July 16th (2010) at Santander, Spain under British flag? I couldn't read her name, and I'd like to know it. Yes, it was her :)

La Dame de Nage (Breizh)
Je viens de la voir à La Rochelle ! Quelle beauté ! Dommage qu'il soit difficile de l'approcher pour la photographier.

Jackie (France)
I live to LA ROCHELLE and I see Atlantic schooner all day, I like, it is very beautiful when is it possible to see your boat sailing?

Joep van Gent (Italy)
50 more days and me and my family, together with Ruud, John and their families will be boarding Atlantic for a weeks trip. One week sailing on such a marvellous ship looks still unbelievable to me. We wish it good winds.

Kenneth M Schuster (United States of America)
In the 50's the atlantic was in Wildwood Yacht Basin, I was around 10 yrs old I guess, spent a lot of days playing on her. My uncles worked at the boat yard, Ward Bright the owner had rented out space to a gift shop and a tank of about 5 seals as an atraction. When the were moving her out the keel was in the mud and she was on her side for awhile as they freed her from where she was for a few years. Great memories of a great ship.

Fadime Ozdemir (Italy)
Dear Captain,
Very nice Schooner very less time you see sailing yacht like this. My father in Turkey make also wood Gulets.
Gratulation, take care.

Fred Harvey (Thailand)
Great ship, great history.

Oliver Sheridan (United States of America)
Such a magnificent schooner! Hope to see her sailing soon!

Brian Byrnes (Ireland)
She looks magnificent, hope to do an oil painting of her under full rig someday.

C R Bryant (United States of America)
Exciting! I am looking forward to painting her. Any chance you will attend the Westward Cup? Hope to see you in Cowes.

Bob Finn (United States of America)
I am a sailor from Oswego, New York, USA, birthplace of William Gardner. I have been following the project but have not seen any news in months. Is the boat sailing? Will it ever make it to the USA?

Carlos F. von Habsburg Lothringen (Mexico)
A good friend invited my wife and I on a sailing trip on the Schooner Atlantic for the summer 2010. We will sail from northern France to Avila Spain, we have been browsing through the whole web site and already dreaming on the forthcoming journey. We are sure that it will be really something.

Kathleen M. Bentz (United States of America)
I remember the Atlantic as a gift shop in the Wildwood Yacht Club. It was moored next to Urie's Fish Fry. They had a seal that was part of the promotion and got away one day in the bay. That did make this child happy. Our boat was next to the great sailing vessel many years and we did swim within her hull. So glad she is back again. She will always have a part of my heart.

Patty Urie O'Donnell (United States of America)
I remember the Atlantic as a child. My parents had a house boat that was docked right next to the boat. As children my brothers and sisters and I would row and swim around the boat. The Atlantic sunk one year and our adventures in the summers would include swimming in the sunken Atlantic. This was scary and exciting. Those were the good old days living at the shore.

Gordon Ingram (Canada)
I am very keen on viewing the ship to see how how far construction is advanced, I have recently built a model of the schooner, on a scale of 60 to 1 fully rigged and painted in the original colours, the only thing that may not be exact is the deck layout, but is close I believe.

Carlo (United States of America)
Wow, what a fantastic project. Glad you are on the web so we can share. When will she be sailing? Fair Winds!

Mungo Watson (Scotland)
Hello from the Schooner Adix…
Well she's looking good, we are very much looking forward to sailing the two boats together sometime soon hopefully. Keep up the good work. See you on the water.

Ralph Arnesen (Wales)
I have a few photos that I got from my godmother, Sarah Pedersen, her husband was captain on the Atlantic during the 1930s. He worked for Lambeth and he was a friend of my father from Arendal, Norway. How could I send them to you?

Charles Han**** (United States of America)
I just discovered this recreation of my favorite sailing vessel. At the end of her life, I got to know the original in Wildwood, New Jersey during an attempt to save her that ultimately enabled her to be towed to Newport News.

Miguel S Escobedo (Mexico)
Dear Ed,
I might be mistaken but I think the original Schooner Atlantic was built for and by one of my wife's ancestors, Robert Stevens, who also founded the Americas Cup.

Miguel S. Escobedo (Mexico)
When can we sail with you?

Capt. Willy Hampton (United States of America)
I went aboard the shell of ATLANTIC while she was in her mud berth at Norfolk in 1972. There was no interior at all, just the steering gear. The house was still on deck. My bosses father, Charles F Adams was the skipper on the 1928 Spain race and CFA jr was aboard too. He told me that from the time the helm was put over until the last line was coiled during a tack was 40 minutes. He also said they were ahead of the record run and ahead of ELENA on a broad reach with the ballon jib up in strong wind and the steering gear wouldn't keep up with boats tracking, I seem to recall CFA saying the steering was 40 turns lock to lock. The ballon jib came out of the tapes and ATLANTIC ran over the sail and it took two days to clear. I hope to see her in Newport, RI.
I'll check to see if there are still photos. He had a bunch.

John V Watson Jr (United States of America)
My great grandfather was John Watson. I believe he was the superintendent of the Townsend & Downey works on shooter's island and oversaw the construction of Atlantic, Meteor III, Shenandoah and Roberts Todds Thistle. Thanks for your wonderful website on Atlantic. We still have the gold watch and chain presented to him in January 1905 by his friends on his 50th birthday anniversary, 5 months before the Kaiser's cup in 1905.

Laurent (France)
Merci Ed,
C'est grace à des hommes comme toi que nous pouvons voir revivre les plus belles merveilles de la mer : l'Eleonora et maintenant l'Atlantic. Je t'aiderai jusqu'au bout dans ton oeuvre…

David Hendry (United States of America)
About 20 years ago I brokered the sale of Bolero to Ken Wallis who raised the Atlantic in Norfolk only to have her sunk by vandals and subsequently sunk offshore by the USCG… I believe… Your project is most laudable and I along with many others would love to have my hands on her wheel oneday.

Michael F. Vandenberg (United States of America)
I too remember the Atlantic from a plastic model kit, but also having seen her tied up in the Tidewater area when in the Navy some thirty years ago. I am glad to see her being recreated and updated. I would love a tour of the completed ship, and even more to sail on her! All my best on this project!

JM Vennin (France)
Thank you Mister for this fantastic project. Mr Ch. Barr fill Happy to see again his Schooner, together with the Designer and the Owner.
Good luck to realise this fabulous Machine.

George Atkins (United Kingdom)
Great to see someone with the guts to re-build a fine boat. If you need extra hands working on the boat I am more than happy to give my service.

Greg Waltjen (United States of America)
I applaud your daring. I sailed with you and Francis on Eleonora before her sale then with the new owner several times after. I admire your dream to recreate a legend. I have no doubt that she will be even more grand then the original. Please tell Francis I said hi and include me on your crew list if you would. I would love to be a part of this history making project. Bravo
Best Regards

Scoot Davis Reese (United States of America)
Extremely excited about your project. Have been a fan of the Atlantic ever since I was old enough to understand what she was and what she stood for. A 40" model of her stands proud in my library.

Richard Pearsall (United States of America)
I owned a plastic model of the Atlantic when I was a kid. looked at it every day and imagined standing on the deck or being at the wheel under sail. It is a magnificent boat. I'll at least get to see it sail again and who knows perhaps even to be on deck under sail. Will it have the centerboard as the original did? Anyone interested in this vessel must read Atlantic the last great race of princes by Scott Cookman.

Stefano B (Italy)
I love B/N pictures but I long to see more colour pictures on this site as soon as possible!! Good luck for this fantastic dream!

Chris Benetti (United States of America)
Looking forward to following your progress! I've been an admirer of the SY Atlantic ever since the publication of McCrays rendition in a long ago edition of Wooden Boat Magazine. I hope to be there to see her at her first American port of call. All the best…

Alessandro Turchetto (Italy)
Have a good wind new Atlantic!
From the same designer of the already best olympic class: star!
Only a small question… How can you reproduce her captain too?
May be many Atlantic but just only one Charlie Barr!

Roberto Lamberti (Italy)

Douglas F Jones (United States of America)
That ATLANTIC would once again grace the world's oceans is too good to be true. She will surely be, once again, the very spirit of power, speed and beauty. Best wishes and please tell me how I can see her when she's done! Or better yet, sail on her.

Gunther Massury (Italy)
Che bella barca ! Un progetto coraggioso ! Tanti auguri !
Buon vento

Thad Koza (United States of America)
Interesting project, all the best for success and fair winds !
Keep me posted.

Jozef Friebel (Netherlands)
Ill see the ship growin' at the yard… Must be exsiting…

Udo Strakerjahn (France)
The ATLANTIC is the most exciting sailing ship because the race record was broken 100 years later. No other ship has realised that. When ever a historical ship has earned to be rebuild then it is the ATLANTIC. I have collected several plans and pictures about it and have made calculations to build it as an model in scale 1:14 (4 Meters long) to have a little feeling of the speed of this ship. Now I can hope to have this feeling original. I am very interested in this project and would like to get more information. In which dockyard are you going to build it and what is the time plan ? ;-)

Frank Duggan (United States of America)
Good Luck!

Willem Schulpen (Netherlands)
I can see her here already on 1:40… She's absolutely stunning!:-)

Peter Thompson (United States of America)
I and other members of the American Schooner Association are excited and awed that such an important and magnificent project is being undertaken. Fair Winds.

Graham St George (France)
Charlie Barr rides again - brilliant stuff - The Legend will take to the seas again! :-)

Kip Wiley (United States of America)
Admirable endeavour! Save me a seat.
Best of luck.

Alix Bowie (United Kingdom)
Good Luck and all the very best in this huge project. It will be a wonderful sight when she finaly returns to her element.

Henk van der Vaart (Netherlands)
Een prachtig project!